PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE THESE RESOURCES WITH STUDENTS! - These are resources from Tina Luffman. She has created a critical thinking ning site for the students taking ENG 140. Many certificates from Yavapai College require that students take a class in Critical Thinking. Knowing about this resource will help tutors when students have writing assignments that requrie demonstrated use of Critical Thinking.

The Foundation and Center for Critical Thinking - The Foundation and Center for Critical Thinking aims to improve education in colleges, universities and primary through secondary schools. They present publications and programs emphasizing instructional strategies, Socratic questioning, critical reading and writing, higher order thinking, assessment, research, quality enhancement, and competency standards.

Critical Thinking on the Web - A directory of online resources

Critical Thinking Resources - An entire wiki devoted to critical thinking resources

The Critical Thinking Wheels The elements of thought - To analyze thinking we must identify and question its elemental structures. This online model is interactive. Mouse over each element for detailed explananations.

Critical Reading Strategies - Handout

Strategies for Critical Thinking in Learning - An interactive critical thinking exercise to apply critical thinking skills to a specific assignment or project.

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